Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pincushion day

This morning I had my lumbar MRI. I haven't heard otherwise so I'm guessing the x-rays ruled out tumor etc. since I got the call to come in for an MRI. They ordered it without contrast but once the people at the imaging center saw how many spinal surgeries I've had, they showed the doc in charge and he did an override. So, contrast it was.

We headed over to my clinical trial check-up. I didn't realize visit 4 was a labs day. So, there went some blood. The lady didn't do as nice a job as the MRI girl, constantly shifting the needle around, wiggling it, pushing and pulling, trying to get me to bleed. Anyone who knows me knows I bleed like a stuck pig and my draws are notoriously easy...if you know what you're doing.

My chair is going to take longer than expected; it has an expected ship date of July 2.

I hate being stuck in this situation. I need all my brain stuff replaced, need my right subclavian artery fixed, and God only knows what I've messed up in my lumbar where they did the L2-3-4-5 laminectomies, tumor removal, and filum terminale release (followed by 4 month leak).

And of course I was denied a Medigap supplement by the only company that offers one here. Screwed. We can't pay 20% of all of those surgeries, not again. Not an option. Just doesn't seem right to live in America and not be able to get the care needed to live.


  1. True but then again we have one of the highest infant mortality rate in the world. There's something really wrong there!

    Living or dying because of finances shouldn't be a deciding factor. It is here. I can't afford surgeries any more to keep me alive and it's strictly monetary that's doing it. That should shame companies but they don't mind at all. It'll cost them a lot less if I'm gone.

  2. i find it outrageous that they denied you the very thing that could help you. this country is in serious need of change and i don;t know who or when this will happen but i am outraged they denied you. is there anyone i could write to for you to demand they rethink their decision? i know if you were on welfare and not a tax payer but a immigrant that was in need of care you would get it and that seriously ticks me off contact your congressmen and senators keesha don;t let them do this i will do it for you if you don't feel you can or don't want to. i wish i had money honey cause i would help you and anyone else in need in a heart beat the doctors and hospitals should be ashamed of themselves as well as the ins companies who take and take and take and when its time for them to give a little they balk and i know the surgerys are very expensive my brother had brain surgery but the state took care of it. maybe ya all should move up here to washington state or some other place that would help i am so sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else., the doctors and hosptials should be doing everything they can to help and i am so angry right now i am turning red. i am truly sorry that they have treated you this way hang in there i know you are sweetie love ya my friend