Thursday, June 19, 2008

MRI Results

I went to the doctor yesterday and he already had the MRI results from the day prior. The same as most docs, he does not view the images himself and simply goes by what the radiologist says. For that reason, a cd of the MRI is being sent to NY today for review since local docs often can't tell their head from their ass end when it comes to things like this.

My L4-5 are out of place and pushing into the spinal column, thus the referred nerve pain in my left leg. I'm not a surgical candidate as I barely have any L4 left after last year's detethering which involved not only cutting the filum terminale (sending my cord flying up an instant record 2 inches), but also extensive laminectomies on L 2-3-4-5 to get to FT, first requiring removal of a tumor directly on top of the area getting in the way.

I also started a sleeping pill for the first time. I told doc lack of sleep is nothing new for me but I can't much longer handle the 2 hours a night, that I find myself way too emotional and on the edge in the day time any more and I can't keep doing this. I took the first one last night and what do you know but I slept until 4 a.m. today! Sure beats 12:30 or 2.


  1. YEAH! for sleep!!! Congrats Keesha!!!

    Love ya!!!

  2. Wowza, some well needed Z's!!!! What a concept. I cannot describe how I felt the first night after they brought my oxygen concentrator, and back up tank. I haven't had such bad day night reversal since, , until now , but baby kitten has played a role in that. We were up until 4:00 this morning, eating, playing with Sachi, and the others, Mister Macgregor having seizures, I am sure glad to know that you can get a little sleep for a change. Love, the Aragons. (not the liver)

  3. Just wanted you to know how much I care about you, and that I continue to pray for you.

    Sleep is so healing too, so definitely don't feel odd about taking sleeping pills. Our bodies don't heal well without those zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's


  4. Glad you got a little rest. Hopefully, as your body becomes more acclimated to the medicine, you'll be able to sleep until 6 am or so. Keeping you in my prayers,
    Leslie W.