Friday, June 20, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

My daughter just got out a skein of yarn for me so I didn't have to try to do it myself. She also picked up my Shawler off the floor since it had fallen off the back of the recliner; she said it's too big for her to wear but "when you're with God, which means you died, then I can wear it."

OMG. How am I supposed to respond to that?


  1. Keesha, OMG is right... I know this is a rhetorical question, but...

    If it was a "When you die I will get all your make up and i can play with it anytime I want and you can't stop me " response, off the top of her head, then laugh.

    If this is what you are subtly preparing them for, then deal with it honestly. From your comment to me the other day about buying time, I would assume that you may have begun this difficult process already. My prayers are with you on this too.... what a tough subject to broach with your small children. If this is where you are, hope you have local support groups that can offer you guidance and help in how to prepare the children...

    Odd. The let me in this time. Maureen

  2. Maureen,

    It wasn't any sort of mean-spirited comment at all. She has said several times how she would love one just like it.

    Yes, we have been preparing the kids for some time now as I'm approaching month 12 (last July was told had 6-12 months) and am hanging in there. December's surgery was a great help and has delayed things.

    When I was in the hospital in May for a week, though I have frequent hospital stays, this was the first time it really began to hit them. They're used to me being gone for hospitalizations but for some reason this hit them hard.

    I can only guess that their change in understanding may be from the seizures every day. They're mature for their age and I think at least deep down they are "getting" the progression.

    We believe it's better to be honest with them (in kid-speak) than hide the truth. I would rather have difficult conversations with love than try to hide the situation and have them look back on this time with anger towards my husband, who will still be around, and me, who will be gone. I have seen what denial can do to a family and friends (lost one of my best friends two years ago to breast cancer and she lived in denial with her 2 teenage sons).

    Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot.

  3. Awww! That is sad. And I didn't know that they think this thing will kill you now. I am sorry. But you will get to leave the pain and be with God!

  4. keesha i also think your going about it the right way. i hope that the doctors were wrong in their diagnosis and that you will be with your children for many more years, but how you are preparing them is in my opionon the most loving way you can. i am keeping you in my prayers daily and hoping that you are as comfortable as you can be,how very hard it must be for you and i can not begine to tell you how wonderful you are to have such a good attitude and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself here you are helping others in the best way you can i am honored to be able to help in any way possible god bless you and your family gentle hugs and squeezes