Saturday, June 21, 2008

Emergency prayer request

Could those of you that are prayerful please pray urgently for a kind man named Grant? He had a CT followed by needle biopsy last week among other tests and it came back as squamous cell carcinoma with the origin being the base of the tongue. He is having surgery on Friday and will be in the hospital a couple days to watch for bleeding due to the area, then radiation 5 days a week for a month. The radiation in the mouth is supposed to be really painful.

Thanks for the prayers. I know they are greatly appreciated. I will print out and pass along any comments or encouragement and give to Grant. It's not easy to be at home and feel forgotten by the world.

My chair shipped ahead of time and will be here Tuesday. I am glad. Glad, you ask, for a chair? Yeah. There's not the strength to support to arms for the scooter so this way DH will unfortunately have to push but at least I can come along.

There has been a TREMENDOUS response at Bev's Charity Challenge and at Crochetville by people who want to help me supply brain surgery patients with caps. I can't thank them enough.

I appreciate their honest too. I've also had friends recently whom I have known since well before I was on any crochet websites, even back when I was first diagnosed, share they've made chemo caps for years but never thought about the fact brain surgery patients and often shaved down to nothing.

I couldn't help but laugh with this one because these are friends who saw me have my head shaved not once, but two, three, four, and five times for surgeries. I posted my hair growth month by now and shared the sages I was going through according to my husband (golf ball, tennis ball, peach fuzz, etc). But for whatever reason, a couple friends just never noticed that my head was soft as a baby's butt;

Regardless of any history, or circumstances, or associations, I want to thank how so many of my new friends hv=vewritten me notes saying they've been making chemo caps for years and feel badly for never thinking about the rest of--it's ok! Your willingness to help is incredible and your kindness will never be forgotten.


  1. Keesha.. I want to say that you are a very special person.. You have so many of your own health issues and circumstances to deal with..and you are always looking to help other people...or offer support to someone that is having a bad day.. You are truly unique..
    I pray that you recieve the medical care that will relieve your pain and symptoms...

    Be Well

  2. Keesha,
    Just think you could be making hanburger hats. ;) Remember all of those nights we had good laughs looking for new hats for you? I still think about those times and chuckle. Just a word of warning, if I EVER find one of those crazy hats, you'll be getting a package from some crazy lady in Canada. ;)
    Love to you and the kiddos. :)

  3. Well, there are a lot more painful things than radiation to the face. He will get stomatitis, or bleeding ulcers in the mouth and "sunburn" on his skin. They are kind of painful near the end of the "treatment" but by a a couple weeks after, he will have forgotten about them because they will have healed. They have great rinses and medicines to coat the area to reduce pain. But he will have to give up things like alcohol and any food with any spice, because the enjoyable sensation that spicy food used to cause will only cause pain when the radiation kills layer on layer of epithelium. He might notice that foods become depressingly bland, and tastes even change. I remember drinking a vanilla Starbuck's coffee that I swear they dumped barbecue sauce in, and when the french fries at Burger King turned into cardboard. And I made my Mom cry when I soldiered through eating a 6 inch Subway sub even though my mouth was bleeding all over the bread. It did hurt. But there are much worse things. I just hope he isn't claustrophobic. Because wearing the obturator and having them bolt him to the table in a skin tight mask will be scary. Especially when that damned radiation machine hovers close to his face and he can hear it screaming and shooting blue-white radiation into him. Yeah, it will not be pleasant, but he will get through it.

  4. grant, you are in my prayers, i dontknow you but a friend asked me to pray for you soi am hang in there and beat this disease. god bless you and will keep you in my prayers vicki