Saturday, June 14, 2008

Police, parties, & toes

I hosted a Pampered Chef party this afternoon as I do every year. It was nice to see some friends. I am so exhausted before everyone came, desperately tired. This evening I was dragging my feet literally of course and our industrial floor fan jumped out at me, doing in two toes.

My 2 hours of sleep a night aren't doing so well for me right now. They're jam-packed with back-to-back nightmares, typical for the couple months following whenever we lose an officer.

I'm so tired I'm sitting here crying but I dread sleep.


  1. Awww, Keesha I'm sorry. :-(

    Well, for the level of pain you are in, I imagine different pain can be beneficial. While you were feeling the toe pain, you probably cared less about the rest of your pain.

    Only 2 hours of sleep a night? That must be horrible! And I'm sorry you lost an officer!

    Oh, and I figured out how to make my new blog work. The instructions are now very clear on how you can be invited as my final post on Forging Iron Man. I'm sorry... it is a bit of work, but I need the privacy.

  2. Hi Keesha.. Sorry to hear that you lost a fellow officer.. I have a few friends that are married to officers... its a tough roll being a police officers wife... I pray that you get some rest... I know it makes a world of difference for the next day... Your are in my thoughts and prayers..


  3. keesha am so sorry that another officer was killed, i have alot of friends who are married to police officers fire fighters and military personal and that has to be the scarriest thing ever. keeping you and your hubby and his department in my prayers.