Thursday, July 31, 2008

My service dog

Shelby has taken to jumping onto my recliner and trying to get as much into my lap as possible, not easy for a 52 pound dog. She does this while being very clingy, as she can tell when things are going to be rough with the seizures. It's like she wants me to stay right there in the nice big padded recliner, and not try to go do something. So, she pins me to the chair.

And with this great big Shelby smile, how can I possibly mind? She is a darling girl, and so smart but that's a given for a service dog!

Here she is, posing real quick before settling into her seizure-precursor spot--on the recliner at my feet.

The disability VanTran service will pick me up, along with Shelby of course, and take us to and from our HandiDog training classes. How great is that? I have a feeling the wheelchair lift is going to scare her. But we'll take it all one step/wheel at a time and we will get there!

1 comment:

  1. she is beautiful keesha i am so happy you have her. i wish i could help you somehow i am praying for a miracle or someone to hit the lotto

    either way it would help. healing hugs for you sweetie