Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a snot!

I was keeping an eye out the front window today for my neighbor to pull up with my children from school. Suddenly a little beagle comes wandering down the sidewalk across the street, no human in sight.

I can clearly see its collar and tags. Going outside my front door, I call it and it comes across the street right to me, licks my arms and hands, a happy critter.

Within moments it starts to lightning and hail.

2 of my dogs flip out and are NOT keen on this beagle so I got it (not easily) into Shelby's crate and shut the bedroom door with the help of my kids.

The number on the tags is disconnected.

I post at Freecycle begging if anyone can even please drive it to the shelter or something, that I'm a disabled mom and it's illegal for me to drive.

I call no less than 8 places--PACC, Humane Society, breed rescues, animal control, you name it.

Suddenly I receive two NASTY emails chewing me out, telling me everything I SHOULD have done in their eyes (that I already DID), including DRIVE IT TO THE SHELTER and continuing to chew me out.

They obviously could read since they emailed me but how nasty! Cookie (yes it's real name) would have been run right over in that blinding storm had I not grabbed it. Bunch of snots! No good deed goes unpunished, I tell you.

And yes I finally found a rescue group with someone available that is on the way over.


  1. Awww good for you Keesha - your purity of heart will be rewarded!!! Bless you always smoochiedoodles!

  2. Keesha,

    I don't think those people can read. Obviously, they skipped over the part where you explained your situation and then proceed to chew you out instead of thanking you for rescuing the dog.

    I hope you are doing a bit better. You're in my prayers.


  3. I can't believe people are so cruel. I can't understand what their problem was anyway. The dog was obviously being taken care of and as you stated, you were in no state to drive the dog to the shelter. Instead of being rude to you they should have been thinking of ways to help! Some people thrive on negative vibes. Shame on them. You have my praise Keesha for still being able to reach out and help another, despite all that you're going through. These people obviously have no idea.

    I've really missed you at ASAP but your absence is understandable. I'm sorry for asking, but... what on earth is that thing inside of your brain? I can see how that may be responsible for the seizures. Have you seen a NS abou it? Something's also been discovered in my brain (AVM) which is making me think my EDS may be vascular rather than hypermobile but my problems are not so bad.

    I can't believe your insurance company denied the CPR claim because it wasn't preapproved. That really does seem like some cruel kind of joke. I'm so fortunate to live in Australia where medical treatment is free. I couldn't imagine waking up to a huge medical bill. What your friend had written would have been funny if it wasn't such a stark reality. What a greedy world we live in. I hope someday these companies learn that not everything is about profit.

    You're in my thoughts.

    Dani xo

  4. keesha, sweetie i am so sorry you had to deal with these idiots, i am so happy you are going to get a little help with the meals on wheels. you are not taking away from others who need it more you need it too so i am thrilled for you i miss you ao much M TRYING TO GET messenger on sorry bout the caps new puter and i am so fumble fingers i hope we can chat soon honey i miss you and am praying for you hugs vicki