Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home again

We're back from Maryland. Surgery went well. In a nutshell (well as brief as an Ehlers-Danlos nutshell can be anyway), the artery was 'severely' compromised, muscle was an abnormal size, way too many blood vessels, the nerves vertical not horizontal. A big chunk of muscle removed, sections of vessels cut out and cauterized, artery decompressed, etc.

So, I get to keep my arm, no below-shoulder amputation. Flow is restored both directions, wahoo, blood flow to the brain and the arm, both are a good thing! Dellon is an amazing man. In 6-12 months he is going to write my pain management/neuro man and guide him in some additional work that needs done to my head that are damaged from all the brain surgeries. I just need the 6-12 months first to get this to heal better.

This is more painful than December's surgery. Thankfully since the last surgery they bought a fiberoptics intubation system and made sure it was in my OR for me b/c of how hard I am to intubate. It also means I'm scraped up and raw, small price to pay.

It's hard to control my arm movement so I don't expect to be on here much in the near future. It's taken 2 hours to write this. I need to crash awhile.

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