Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's been 6 days since sx. Arm is slightly better, not a whole lot. I'm sure it'll get there with time.

It's always strange to be told by a world-famous surgeon if i hadn't had the surgery when id id, i'd have had my arm amputated in the next few months. Strange. What a mental pic--me in a chair with no arms to push with. Sigh.

This puts a sizable setback in getting things made for Christmas.

My incision and surrounding area are really swollen. I felt it earlier and something went squishing around. Am guessing that's my typical EDS body rushing to make sure surgical areas get nice and squishy and puffy and warm.

The kids are still on break, go back to school Monday, ending the 3 week break.

I have to go to class today with shelby, ready or not post-op. Her vest came in while we were away. It is beautiful. The girl did an amazing job with the craftsmanship and embroidery. Will get pic when I can.

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