Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Shoot and let God serve as judge and jury!

There goes the FBI 10 Most Wanted List!

Blessings to the 40 Navy SEALS and a giant hug to my brother, a Lt. Colonel not only SpecOps himself, but also in charge of coordinating SpecOps planes for a branch of the military. I knew he would be gone all week on TDY, but didn't know where of course, we never do (he has a wife and two little boys). I normally don't even know when he's gone as he sometimes leaves with little warning, living on the beeper. I knew he was heading out because a close relative passed away, someone we lived with for a long time as children and helped raise us, important to us throughout our lives. He could not go to the funeral due to this TDY--but given what has happened, I know the loved one we lost would understand, and was watching over my brother during this unforgettable situation.

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