Monday, August 22, 2011

Exploding Feet, No A/C, Heart Probs/Tests/Appts

Last week it was 103 out, our a/c was dead, and it was 88 in here. The a/c was dying slowly for over a year and finally completely died. The kids and DH were cool at school and work, thankfully. Being stuck in this house, there was sweat dripping down my face. Heat makes seizures go haywire as well; one night I bolted awake with my right orbital hollering in pain. I had done a face-plant onto my coffee table and slammed my face around my eye.

And in other news, I've been undergoing one test another another trying to determine why my ankles and feet have swelled up something fierce, looking like pigs. They are painful to move, hurt to bear weight upon, and if touched even lightly an indentation is left for ages. My feet are normally very long and skinny, my dad always having said they were so big they could have their own zip code. Most of the time now my ankle bones aren't visible any more. I've been gaining 5-10 pounds a week for the last couple months despite almost no appetite.

They are also concerned because my heart rate has been abnormally high at all my visits and I've been short of breath a lot. I had another echocardiogram, and tomorrow go get another Holter monitor put on. It's been awhile. It's the test where you where they put an EKG on you then sling it over your shoulder and you wear it a couple days. At the doctor visit for the Holter I'll also have a Venous Insufficiency exam where they'll check to see if the veins in my legs are leaking blood out of them. Tests have already shown I don't have any clots down there so that's good. But it did show my blood flow goes downward to my feet just fine, but then has a hard time going back upward to the lungs. So this test, while supposed to be a bit like the ultrasound/Doppler, instead of looking for DVTs/clots, it will see if any blood is actually seeping out of the veins themselves, which would explain my fat feet etc. On Wednesday I'll go get the Holter monitor off, and when the receptionist told me she needed to schedule me for a treadmill test at the same visit, I started laughing. I told her yeah you do that, good luck with it. Everyone I've told has gotten a laugh out of it.

It's almost 5 a.m. and my Holter and vein test is at 9:30 but I haven't slept any yet so I'm out of here. Like my feet and the creepy indentations I can make?

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