Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pain as an understatement. DD's sleep study #2.

It's been a horrid night. I had a Chiari headache this morning but thought I'd be able to get it under control. Nicole came over so we could go across the street for our neighbor's Pampered Chef party at 1. I took a few meds and they kicked in quickly. Within about 90 minutes it had rebounded pretty badly.

I went home and reclined for about 30 minutes. I got up suddenly and crawled into bed. I didn't realize I never said anything to my husband, kids, or J until DH came in to see what happened. Next thing I knew, a few hours had gone by. I came out to the recliner again being beaten with a sledgehammer, needing to focus on my speech to get my words out right. I hit OxyContin and after an hour there was still no effect so I added Zanaflex. I can feel a little bit of warmth and tingling from the combination right now, a slight bit of relief but good grief. Getting hit with a sledgehammer would be a good distraction about now.

Distractions. That's what I've been trying to do. Distract myself.

My 5 year old's second sleep study to determine how to get her oxygen levels under control is set for the night of October 3rd. I'm so glad we're finally getting close for some relief for her after all these years. We also had her 504 plan worked on at school with the teacher, behavior specialist, and school principal. It went really well and hopefully she'll have a much better second quarter now that the first one is wrapping up.

Here's to the hope that Sunday will be a much brighter day than today.


  1. I am hoping the same thing as well. For everyone. Is it something in the universe?

  2. what is a 504 plan?? hope you feel better today . hugs

  3. Heya Roz. A 504 Plan is a legal accommodation plan (federal law) for disabled students in the public school system under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  4. Bobby, if it's something in the university, something is definitely off kilter and hopefully things will get back on track or whatever it is. I don't follow all that but good grief this is ridiculous isn't it??? A couple others at the board have had a rough few days too. :(