Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DD's CPAP; surgery info

The pulmonologist called today and believe it or not, the CPAP is FINALLY being taken care of. It's been 3 months since the first sleep study and 7 weeks since the second/CPAP titration. Her first study she averaged 12 events an hour; on the second with the CPAP, only 1 an hour.

Someone asked today about what the latest was with me and it occurred to me I might ought to give more info for those who have missed it. We leave the 3rd; have the 4th to relax and check out the city; pre-op appointments with the 2 surgeons on the 5th; surgery is the 6th.


  1. Happy thanksgiving, Keesha and all. And to all, a fullyoxygenated good night , as soon as possible.:<>---

  2. I pray the CPAP does wonders for your Megs.

    We'll have to get in touch about the 4th. Lunch would work best but I could do dinner.

  3. Keesha, I don't know what a CPAP is but it sounds like it is a good thing, and good of the doctor to FINALLY get around to telling you the results. I will be praying for your surgery. Happy Thanksgiving, too!